4 Easy & Effective Ways To Meditate While Stuck At Home

In times like these it’s important to stay grounded & calm, which may seem hard to do but luckily, wellness expert, Matthew Mileo, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, 4 easy ways to meditate & remain calm during self-isolation.

Being in quarantine can be quite stressful and make people feel very anxious, but it’s important to remain calm and wellness expert, Matthew Milèo of MILÈO NEW YORK, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, different ways you can meditate at-home that are easy and don’t take up too much of your time.

“Since most of us are homebound right now, but getting enough physical activity is essential to our well being; there are a few easy ways to incorporate yoga and meditation into our social distancing or self-quarantine,” Matthew shared.

1. “While we are all stuck inside, spring is around the corner — and there’s no better time to spring clean than right now. Turn ‘spring cleaning’ into active mediation. Select an area of your home that you wish to dive into first (for me I always start in the kitchen or bedroom closet). Prepare the ambiance with some soothing music, turn off distractions like your phone, and light an aromatic candle to set a relaxing mood. Then, evaluate each item and practice the art of letting go by giving away the item, or the art of gratitude by thanking the item for its continued service. This active meditation of letting go and gratitude empowers the person with a sense of purpose and stability which quells fear and panic in a world that feels very unstable right now.

2. “Task meditation is downloading all the essential tasks in the mind that you want to turn into action. I always start my task mediation with a piece of paper and pen and quiet my mind as though I’m intending to meditate. Then write down everything that comes to mind that you want to do, and return to quieting the mind after each entry. After several minutes, I add these tasks into my app of choice ie. Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, etc. and schedule it with enough time to space it out. Repeat this task meditation on a regular basis to ensure you’ve downloaded everything from your mind, as this is one important meditation to do for people who feel overwhelmed with thoughts or pulled into too many directions at once. After each task is completed, the sense of accomplishment, or trajectory towards completion, is quite rewarding which offsets any anxieties that someone may be experiencing right now.

3. “Aromatherapy is one of the best things to immediately change your mood, as it has been scientifically shown to significantly lower anxiety and worry. Diffusers, candles, natural skincare, and fragrance are all effective mediums to induce aromatherapeutic qualities.

4. “Take a little more time in your morning and evening skincare routine by incorporating an aromatherapy facial massage. Select a plant-based aromatic facial oil that is customized for your skin type, or skin goal (any 1 of the 6 MILÈO Elixir Oud options of your choice). Start from the middle of the face (the cheeks, forehead, and chin), and massage in small circular strokes outward to the temples and jawline. Repeat for a solid minute, then cup your hands over the nose and take 3 to 5 deep inhalations. Both your senses and your skin will feel energized, relaxed, and ready to face any stressors that may arise throughout the day. Another example is working on your computer next to a naturally aromatic candle or diffuser to constantly quell any emotional upset.

“These minor adjustments to our daily lives prove to be big stabilizers in our delicate homeostasis to stay grounded and focused.”

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