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CHRISTMAS can be pretty stressful.

Inbetween your kids running wild and guests dropping by unannounced it's no wonder your home ends up in a bit of a sorry state.

But there's no need to stress because cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, has a few handy tips that'll make Christmas a total breeze.

When it comes to cleaning anything it's best to stay ahead of the game, so don't wait until Christmas eve to bust out these trick and tips.

Starting early will give you more time to relax and enjoy the importnat things – like mulled wine and Christmas shopping.

Give your oven a deep clean

Chances are your oven is going to see a lot of action over the coming weeks, so there's no time like the present to get it sparking clean.


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The first step is to banish grease and baked on grime with two of the Hinch's favourite cleaning products, The Pink Stuff and Scrub Daddy.

For the oven door Mrs Hinch otps for white vinegar and her 'kermit' Minky M Cloth.

And according to the Mirror, when it comes to basic clean of oven racks all you need to do is soak them in warm water with some washing up liquid.

Make your Christmas tree look extra posh

Mrs Hinch revealed that she upgraded the look of her Christmas tree by hiding the string on all of the baubles.

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She explained on Instagram: "These little parts where you can see where the baubles are attached, I just put a bit of snow over it."

You can grab some fake snow for as little as £1 in most craft shops or supermarkets this time of year.

Get organised with your wrapping

If you're anything like us, you all out with your present wrapping and love adding bows and ribbons – but of of that can get pretty messy.

It turns out the cleaning whizz uses an organising box from Aldi to keep everything nice and neat.

She raved about the box on Instagram writing: "This pastel blue organiser box, for my Christmas wrapping pieces like gift tags, string, acorns, glitters etc! I can't wait to fill it up!"

Make your home smell lush

Nothing says Christmas quite like the festive scent of cinnamon and spice – so why not kill two birds with one stone and use one of Mrs Hinch's favourite products to clean your home and make it smell incredible at the same time?

The cleaning fanatic has raved about her love of Zoflora disinfectant products, and there's loads of Christmassy scents available including winter spice to warm cinnamon.

You can use it to clean your floors, kitchen skink, or even dilute it with water a sprits it onto your doormat for a very warm welcome.

Prepare beds for guests

If you've got any friends or family visiting over Christmas you'll want to make sure that dusty old spare mattress is in tip top condition.

Mrs Hinch is a fan of using bicarbonate powder to banish any stains.

She works it into the fabric while wearing gloves to protect her hands, and leaves it for an hour or so.

Then, the cleaning whizz hoovers off any excess powder to leave it looking pristine.

Organise your cupboards

If you really want to feel on top of things organising your cupboards can clear out loads of unwanted clutter and make cooking and cleaning a breeze.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mrs Hinch said: "I was so shocked when I went through my cupboard of doom. I had no idea how much stuff I was storing, and none of it was anything I needed. 

"Who needs old plastic containers with no lids or a cheese grater that doesn’t work properly? I ditched all the stuff I didn’t need, and it felt amazing."

The cleaning pro recommends going cupboard by cupboard, taking everything out and disinfecting.

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You can then look and best before dates and work out what you actually need to keep, before neatly putting everything back inside.

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