Bianca Censori is a 'bride in love' and won over fans with her 'shocking' sweetness and 'lack of vanity,' says expert | The Sun

BIANCA Censori's popularity is set to soar in the wake of a shock TikTok in which she's heard talking for the first time, a body language expert has said.

And she claims Kayne West's wife took just a few seconds to make an impact in the video by "baring her neck" and looking up at the camera.

Recently, in an ad hoc and unexpected TikTok, Bianca Censori told the world that she had married rapper, Kanye West.

But as the couple’s much-anticipated relationship confirmation hit the internet, it was the first-time glimpse of Bianca talking that sparked a frenzy online.

The rare vid of the mostly private former Aussie architect student was captured in the middle of a clothing store.

The sneak peek showed Bianca, 28, enjoying a relaxed conversation with TikTok user @gratefulboynuee.

"She's so cute," one TikTok follower responded, while a second commented: "She looks so different so up close, she has a sweet personality, not stuck up at all."

"She's stunning. Good energy as well, I like her already," another added.

"I think she's adorable and I'm happy for her and Ye," said a fourth,

"Wow she's friendly," a fifth said, before another added:: "Aww she's so cute to me."

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In an exclusive interview, body language expert Judi James told The U.S. Sun: “This short clip hasn’t just confirmed Bianca’s marital status to Kanye.

"This clip shot her to the top spot in terms of the most likable celebrity on TikTok.

“It could even have made Kanye seem just that little bit warmer and fuzzier too, in a niceness-by-association syndrome.

“Bianca’s body language and vocal tone take her agreeability factors off the scale.

“And she achieved this in a few short seconds of video.

“Bared-faced and smiling naturally, Bianca took a few short seconds to achieve personal fame on her own.

“Reality stars like Kim Kardashian can take years perfecting and honing their brand.

"They work hard at their image to create the right kind of impact.

“The key part for Bianca and her instant impact is when her head falls back as she giggles and she delivers the married news.

“It's how she does it.

“She bares her neck to show openness, and she looks and sounds coy and cute.

“This is a small moment but also a huge one as it clearly shows Bianca as a new bride in love.”

On May 20, Bianca was out shopping when an admirer and TikTok user @gratefulboynuee chatted to her and hit record.

Bianca looked relaxed and happy in the clip. As she spoke to the camera she showed makeup-free skin and slicked-back cropped blonde hair.

"You're sexy, my name Nue," the video recorder told her before Bianca replied: "Thank you, nice to meet you."

He asked: "You from LA?" to which she responded: "Yes."

"Okay, I just moved out here," Nue replied.

"Where are you from?" Bianca asked, and the user explained: "Chicago."

"Nice!" Kanye's wife added.

"You got good eye contact," Nue complimented, and Bianca laughed into the camera.

"Are you just shopping around?" she asked as her phone started ringing.

"Yeah, you?" he asked, to which she replied: "Yeah, same there was just a pair of shorts I wanted to see."

"Can I get your number?" Nue asked, to which Bianca said: "I'm married!"

The TikTok user said: "Damn," before ending the filming.

“Bianca’s sweetness here is shockingly counter-intuitive," added Judi.

“This is what made it seem like a really nice surprise.

“She has a lowered pose.

“She might have been sitting when this guy walks up to her but by keeping her seat she looks up and into the camera.

“This makes her projected status and celebrity superiority signals look low.

“She’s looking up to us rather than down her nose.

“Her eye expression is beautifully bare-faced.

"Bianca’s large eyes reveal every emotion but there’s not one flicker of wariness or coldness or any eye dart to hint a desire to escape.

“She looks polite and flattered by the fan attention.

"She retains eye contact throughout the clip, apart from when she glances at her phone.

“Her mouth smile is close to a Duchenne smile, with a symmetric mouth shape and a display of the upper teeth.

“This means she looks like a genuinely happy person.

“She engages and asks the guy questions about himself, which is unheard of in most celebrity/fan conversations.

“It implies a lack of vanity.

“Her ‘I’m married!’ is done with her voice raising several tones to make her sound sweetly in love.”

Bianca and Kanye, 45, tied the knot in a secret ceremony in January.

Their wedding happened two months after his divorce was finalized from his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, 42.

At the time, Bianca had also reportedly just enjoyed a whirlwind romance with the controversial rapper.

She joined the Yeezy team in November 2020 as the Head of Architecture for the brand.

Since tying the knot the happy couple have been spotted out and about on the West Coast only a handful of times.

One recent trip saw Bianca out shopping with Kanye on a romantic date in Los Angeles.

Her curves and eye-catching style were immediately captured by the paparazzi.

“Ahead of this TikTok clip, Bianca had just appeared walking confidently and braless alongside her husband as they shopped in West Hollywood," added Judi.

"Interestingly, when she is with Kanye in Hollywood, she mirrors his alpha body language.

“Her shoulders squared and splayed as she stares to the front, looking beautiful but also a little intimidating.

“She also had the braless look going on including a very revealing cropped white top which she wore with utter confidence.

“Her solemn-looking pout when the couple is out on dates gives her a copycat look to the often sulky or brooding-looking Kanye.

"Then came a model shoot where she was semi-naked and looking fierce in duct tape.

"She can model strips of duct tape with total confidence.

"In her latest shoot, she is standing nearly nude with her arms to her sides and her shoulders splayed.

“Bianca makes it look as though she’s standing proudly to attention and with no trace of embarrassment or desire to cover up.

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“The latest TikTok clip is her on her own where she's totally at ease and natural.

“Finally everyone is seeing the real Bianca.”

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