Bizarre video demonstrates how to make a surgical mask out of a BRA – but they won’t protect against coronavirus

SALES of surgical masks have gone through the roof since coronavirus hit the UK, with many chemists completely selling out.

But a bizarre video has emerged online revealing how you can make a face mask using an old bra despite it having no filter.

The video was shared on Facebook where it has since gone viral, received over 133,000 shares and 14,000 likes.

In the clip an unknown woman can be seen snipping the bra in half at the point where the two cups meet.

They then trim away the lower support band leaving just the right strap attached to the cup.

Using a fabric glue, secure the loose end of the strap to the opposite side of the cup so that it acts as a strap.

Then do the same using the second bra strap, gluing it across the lower half of the cup.

The video has received mixed reactions, with some praising the idea while others were left totally baffled.

Many pointed out that the mask is unlikely to protect against the virus as it hasn’t got the filter found in surgical masks.

One wrote: “Or just buy one that actually has a filter.”

Agreeing a second added: “And what is it good for? As a fashion accessory? It has no effect on a possible infection because it is not a filter.”

The N95 masks that are selling out globally contain a filter that filters out air to an industrial standard.

They are used to stop you from breathing in hazardous small particles, such as dust, mold or aerosol paint particles.

They generally have an 8-hour shelf life before becoming clogged depending on the work you're doing.

The general advice coming from medical professionals is that it couldn't hurt to use them if you do so properly, but that they are less effective if not worn properly.

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