Bored mum pulls the chocolate poop prank on her daughter, then instantly regrets it thanks to her VERY dramatic reaction

A MUM instantly regretted pulling the chocolate poop prank on her daughter when she had a very dramatic reaction.

The viral TikTok trend has seen parents smearing chocolate on their kids and convincing them it’s poop – and one US mum decided to give it a go.

In the video the anonymous woman can be heard calling her daughter into the bathroomunder the pretence of passing her some toilet roll that is out of reach.

As the little girl passes over the roll her mum wipes the “poo” onto her wrist, seeing the kid freeze in her steps.

As the mum begins apologising profusely, the girl asks what it is with her mum telling her “it’s poop.”

At first her daughter begins to giggle but her laughter soon turns to screams and gags as she yells “you’re disgusting” at her mum.

Eventually, after her daughter becomes increasingly hysterical, the woman says, “It’s chocolate pudding I played a prank on you.”

At first the child needs convincing and begs her mum not to eat the pudding, before eventually calming down.

It is unclear where the video was first shared but it has been reposted on Twitter where it received over 3.3 million views.

The playful parents got the idea from a new trend of pranks parents are pulling on their children, tricking them into believing that chocolate is poo.

Earlier this month these parents performed the same trick on their son with Nutella – and his reaction was priceless.

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