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WHEN they're not falling off the sofa in their sleep, mindlessly chasing a toy mouse or licking their own derriere, cats are incredibly intelligent creatures.

To some owners, they're loving companions, who'll curl up on their lap and purr softly and affectionately.

Disappointingly, for others they're just reluctant house guests who'll eat the food you give them and do anything to hide away to avoid love and attention.

But let's face it, they're adored across the world all the same.

And, if these photos taken by baffled pet owners are anything to go by, it appears they're extremely good at being inconspicuous, when required.

But just how long does it take you to locate these crafty cats?

Clutter cat-astrophe

This cunning cat has clearly opted to get acquainted with his owner's book collection, which he is most definitely NOT going to throw on the floor when no one's looking to cause a clutter catastrophe for his 'servant' to clean up.

Don't let the sheer amount of literature fool you – there really is a cat hidden in there somewhere.

Maybe he got lost while searching for the cat-alogue?

Going dotty

At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking this was just a photo of two giant dogs, that we'd accidentally placed into the wrong article.

But don't worry, we're not going dotty.

We can confirm there is definitely also a teeny, tiny feline fur ball included in this image too.

Full disclosure – when you spot them you need to prepare for a cuteness overload.

This is one kitten that's too adorable to be in the dog house.

Can't see the wood through the trees

Possibly one of the front-runners for the best hide and seek participant, this cat has really nailed the idea of utilising camouflage (or should it be cat-ouflage?).

This clever kitty takes hiding in plain sight to a whole new level, happily dozing while baffling those who are desperately trying to cat-ch a glimpse.

It's often hard to see the wood through the trees, but persevere, and you may find it's a lot easier to locate this log-dwelling kitty than it first seems.

Double trouble

Admittedly, this one initially may seem rather obvious.

But no, we aren't looking to see how many people can spot the somewhat obvious brown-haired tabby in the bottom left-hand corner.

That would be too easy.

It's her pal we're actually searching for, who is about to stealthily sneak up on her if she's not careful.

In the wild, this level of predatory skill would be extremely helpful for hunting prey.

However, the only hunting these domesticated moggies' do includes attacking their owners' toes under the table, or occasionally pouncing on Dreamies cat treats.

Feline furry

Many of us have a favourite teddy we like to snuggle up to, but this selfish moggy seemingly has three.

Not that he looks too pleased to be sharing 'his' bed with so many other cute fluffy characters.

Maybe he's concerned his paw-jamas will get all creased and ruffled up squeezed in such close quarters…

A hairy situation

You might assume your closet and wardrobe space is an area for you to keep your things, and store items away tidily.

However, it turns out you are wrong.

It's actually the ideal space for your cat to make multiple beds, and sometimes you'll have to accept that this means cat hair will inevitably somehow end up on your favourite clothes.

The joys of having a pet are never ending.

The purr-fect catnapping spot

This cat is definitely making herself at home, and looks right at home as she steals cuddles from a teddy bear which is essentially her twin.

Anyone else feel a little jealous of how comfy this looks right now?

Paws for thought

Moggies generally aren't known for their construction skills, but when it's not raining cats and dogs it seems this one likes to hang about outside, creeping up on unsuspecting builders.

Maybe the curious kitten was checking the make of the digger, and was disappointed it wasn't by popular industry brand, Cat.

Hear meowt 

Yes, this does look like a big old pile of laundry – but hear us out as we explain exactly what else you need to look for.

This is a little-known fact, but while to you and me this may look like washing, to a cat it is actually a five star bed.

If it's clean laundry, that's even better, but to be honest your furry feline isn't overly fussed.

A truly mysterious moggy

This cat knows exactly what it's doing, and has really taken camo to a whole new level.

This cat lover has a throw embellished with plenty of black four-legged friends – but can you spot the real mysterious moggy hidden among them?

As well as taking pictures of their camouflaged pets, recently with lockdown, animal lovers have also been taking hilarious photos of their furry friends trying to distract them while working from home – with some very hilarious results.

So whether they're hiding away or not, it's fair to say our pets are hugely entertaining – and it's the reason we love them.

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