Cleaning fan reveals how to wash both sides of the window from inside with 'genius' latch trick

LET'S be honest – we have a hard enough time trying to keep the inside of our homes clean that we don't have the energy to think much about what the outside looks like.

Well the next time you're giving your windows a once over, you might want to give this bloke's "life hack" a go.

Earlier this month, a TikTok user – who runs the Axolotl & Reptile Rescue UK page – shared his "genius" latch trick which allows him to clean both sides of his window from the inside.

Speaking to his 9,700 followers, he said: "Hey guys, have you ever struggled to clean the back of your windows? I'm going to show you how."

To begin with, he took the window off the latch to make it open wider – but he still couldn't reach the other side.

Then, he pressed a button hiding in the frame to slide the window across and pushed the hinge up at the side.

Sharing a clip of his window sitting in the middle of the frame, he added: "And that's how you clean both sides!"

The clip has racked up over 90,000 "likes" on TikTok and people were desperate to give it a go for themselves.

"Woooah I did not know that," one replied: "Mind blown."

Another added: "OK so I no longer have to risk my life by hanging out?!?"

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "Never jumped up to try something so fast!"

However, others stressed how important it is to adjust the hinges in order after one accidentally broke their window trying to replicate this at home.

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