Couple horrified after discovering a drawer full of SEX TOYS left behind by the previous owners of their new home

MOVING into a new home can often leave you sorting through the weird and wonderful things that have been left behind – whether it be worse-for-wear carpets or unwanted furniture.

But for one couple, their surprise gift from the previous owners of their new home was a little more X-rated.

TikTok user Kristen Cape was left horrified after moving in and digging through a chest of drawers that had been left behind.

She discovered a whole bunch of clothes, but was left completely grossed out when she came across a drawer full of sex toys.

"Sooo gross y'all. I was not prepared to find this," she captioned her video that has since been watched online more than half a million times.

Kristen is seen rifling through the drawers before pulling out a mystery bag and taking a look inside – only to realise a whole host of sex toys were staring her in the face.

"We just moved into a house and the old owners left some stuff behind," she explained.

"We found clothes, which was cool until… we pull out an entire bag of sex toys."

People found the steamy find hilarious, with one person joking: "Let's hope they don't turn up for them back."

Another teased: "You must be BUZZING after finding that."

"Soap, water and vinegar. Good to go," commented one person, while one more suggested: "I mean deep clean them with alcohol?"

Not so keen on the idea, Kristen replied: "That's a big nope."

Can't say we blame her.

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