Debating a Nose Piercing? Here's What a Pro Wants You to Know First

Debating a Nose Piercing? Here’s What a Pro Wants You to Know First

Some of us get bit by the tattoo bug. Others opt for a collection of carefully placed piercings. As it turns out, your earlobes, cartilage, and tragus make great real estate for shiny rings or sparkly studs. And if you’re up for experimenting with other areas, the same can go for your nose.

I’m no stranger to tattoos, but aside from a standard set of single lobe piercings on my 9th birthday (from Claire’s, of course), going under that type of needle has never quite been my thing. That said, I’ve always secretly wondered what I’d look like with a nose piercing. Between septums, rings, and single studs, I love how they look and what they can do for someone’s face. It’s a certain type of effortless cool — that “ever-so-slightly accessorized at all times” thing, similar to the way eyelash extensions light up a makeup-free face.

Curious to learn more about nose piercings — from placement options to the best jewelry to the healing process ‚ I reached out to Sam Hayler, senior piercer at Astrid & Miyu. The UK-based jewelry brand not only has a cult following on Instagram, but offers piercing services at a handful of its locations. So whether you’re a piercing veteran or currently debating taking the plunge, she’s answering all your burning questions ahead.

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