Fancy rings hide blade that can pierce an attacker's eyes and collect their DNA

Ever wished your accessories doubled up as a self-defense weapon?

The Defender Ring is what you’re after.

A New York company has created a ring that hides a blade able to cut skin, pierce eyes, and even collect an attacker’s DNA.

The idea is that if you were out and about and were attacked, you could use your ring to defend yourself.

Ryan Lee, 34, invented the Defender Ring after the highly publicized murders of two women who were slain while they were out jogging.

The jewellery features a top that can be unscrewed in three seconds to unleash a sharp 5mm long blade that’s able to draw blood.

Ryan said: ‘We designed it to be normal jewellery but you can unscrew the ring top and inside there is a blade.

‘The blade is for self-defense – it is very sharp and it can cut through durable material.

‘It is for self-defense against an attacker.

‘It is sharp enough and big enough to cut through skin and draw blood and that’s how it can collect DNA.’

The ring is available from $55 and comes in a range of different designs and finishes including rose gold, stainless steel and sterling silver.

Women are advised to use the ring by either punching, slashing or grabbing and pulling the ring against an attacker’s flesh.

‘Wear Defender Ring, make a fist, and punch an attacker in the eyes, throat or face to create a deep puncture wound,’ the site reads.

‘Make a fist and and slash an attacker using a sideways motion in the eyes, throat or face to create a long gash.

‘Grab an attacker’s arm and pull to gouge and create a long gash.’

Ryan is quick to say that the blade might not withstand a more violent attack and urges women to think of running away as their first line of defence.

But he hopes the rings will give women a sense of security when out in public.

‘Women can wear these rings 24/7 – they can wear it to work, they can wear it while they are exercising.

‘These are instances where they wouldn’t usually carry a weapon.

‘My whole life I have been passionate about self defense. I grew up with all women.

‘These joggers being killed in broad daylight prompted me to create a practical self defense item.’

The rings launched in June 2019 and have been a big hit, so Ryan now plans to produce a ring with a blade that’s twice as long.

Here’s the thing, though. While these rings do sound like a solid way to protect yourself, wearing one would not be legal in the UK.

The only self-defence product that’s currently allowed in the UK is a rape alarm. Even pepper sprays, which are allowed across the pond, are not legal to carry around in public in England.

Carrying any sort of concealed weapon – including a product which is made or adapted to cause a person injury, such as these rings – is against the law.

There’s a chance that if you were to wear one of these rings and happened to be stopped by the police, you could be arrested.

If you used the ring against someone and caused injury, you could be charged with assault.

For now, your best bet remains carrying a rape alarm and being prepared and able to escape an altercation if needed.

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