Hairdresser shows off ‘dusting’ technique for women who want to keep long hair – but people hate the idea

NOTHING beats the feeling of waking up one morning and realising your luscious curls have grown, especially when you've been trying to get past that awkward 'long but not long' length for ages.

But that doesn't mean you should cancel your haircut appointments – on average, it's recommended we cut our hair every three months.

Luckily, for those who've become sentimentally attached to the new length and don't want to reverse the progress a professional hairdresser's just come up with a new technique.

The method – known as 'dusting' – involves cutting very short pieces of hair, trimming only the very ends.

According to Olya Iudina, a hairstylist from New York, this will get rid of the dead ends and give an overall healthier look.


The viral video's taken over with almost 900 thousand views.

However, people didn't seem to be too impressed with this technique, with someone writing: ''A lot more than just a dusting needs to come off…..''

Another one added: ''It's so dry and brittle.''

''Ummm she needs at least 2 more inches off!

''It would grow back faster and healthier!''

Someone else commented: ''It's just going to keep splitting though.

''You have to cut at the top of the split or it'll rip in half again!''

Other were quick to point out of the unfair pricing: ''That'll be $80!''

''Maybe if y'all didn't charge the same for this and getting a pixie.''

''I got charged $160 just for a trim before. I'll be doing it at home from now on.''

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Meanwhile, this poor woman paid a fortune and was left with a patchy mess.

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