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AN EXPERT has revealed the steps you can take to get rid of a plant feared to be worse than Japanese knotweed.

Horsetail, or mare’s tail, spreads quickly in gardens and can grow as high as two feet tall.

Recognisable by its fir tree-like shoots and appearance during the balmy summer months, the nightmare weed has creeping rhizomes which can descend as deep as 2m below the surface.

This makes the plant a nightmare to remove – often extending from one property's garden to the next.

Chris Ross, director of leading render experts Direct Building Products, has revealed the secret to removing the pesky weed.

He said: “Occasional light weeding is not effective and can make the problem worse.

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"We suggest infestations of horsetail to be weakened with standard weedkiller.

“Improper weeding can cause the plant to regrow from any small pieces left behind.

“However, removing shoots as soon as they appear can reduce infestation.

"If horsetail appears in lawns, it can also be kept in check by mowing regularly.”

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The plant's removal can also be eye-wateringly expensive, setting some homeowners back up to £380, according to some online estimates.

If a property incurs structural damage, that figure could soar to nearly £10k.

Chris went on to reveal that some believe Horsetail to be more damagingthan Japanese knotweed.

He continued: “Many have found it to be the cause of more damage to infrastructure than Japanese Knotweed as it is well known for breaking through paved areas and destroying landscaped areas.”

It comes after a furious homeowner claimed her neighbour's bamboo had ruined her garden – costing her £10k to fix.

Meanwhile, those guilty of having the weed in their garden could face a hefty £30k fine – offering tricks and tips to keep your garden safe.

The plant has also prompted a public safety announcement, with one TikToker labelling it “one of the UK’s most dangerous plants”.

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