I can make 20 healthy meals in four hours and they cost me just 56p each using bargain Aldi and Lidl buys

A THRIFTY woman has revealed how she makes 20 healthy meals in four hours and they cost her just 56p.

Amy Bevan said she batch cooks for her aunt, who has limited funds and needs looking after by a carer. 

In order to help with the meals, she whips up tasty dishes such as lasagne and broccoli and cauliflower cheese.

Amy then puts them in her aunt’s freezer, for the carer to defrost and serve up during the week.

She revealed on the Facebook group Feeding a family on £1 a day: “Just spent 4 hours in the kitchen making meals for my Auntie.

“All up she will have 18 – 20 fresh cooked meals in her freezer to enjoy.

“Total cost for all these meals was £11.37.”

In order to keep funds down, Amy shops at Aldi and Lidl and always gets a mixed vegetable bag, which has cauliflower, broccoli and sliced carrots.

She picks up small chicken mini fillets for £2.39, mince for £2.59, with vegetables and sauces making up the rest of the bill.

Many people were highly impressed with her thrifty meals, with one saying: “Wow! What a super star you are! Ur doing an amazing thing.”

Another added: “Wow looks absolutely amazing and so thoughtful.”

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