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WITH Christmas just eight days away, most of us are starting to dip into the festive treats – including the beloved Quality Street. 

But do you know what your favourite sweet says about you? 

Luckily one chocolate fan has taken to TikTok to share her opinions – and people think her ideas are hilarious. 

Kelsey, known online as @kelseyblake89, regularly shares entertaining videos with her 14,900 followers. 

In a recent video, she shares what sort of person you are based on your choice of chocolate – and it’s bad news if you like the Coconut Eclair. 

“What type of person I think you are based on the Quality Street that you pick. 


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“We’re going to start off with the Toffee Penny. 100 per cent defo that you had your nashers done in Turkey, because who can chew on these? 

“Followed up closely by these Turkey teeth. Like they hurt. No. 

“You’re a grandad. You go around to your kids for Christmas day. The first one that you pick is this. My dad loves these. You’ve got to be, you’re an old dad.”

Holding up the blue-wrapped sweet, she adds: “If this is your favourite, you touch kids.” 

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“Followed up closely by these. Like, you’re a PE teacher no.”

There’s high praise for those that opt for The Green Triangle – obviously Kelsey’s favourite. 

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“The best people on the planet. 

“I also ask why you only put four of these, like the best people on the planet eat these. Do better. 

“The person who eats [the Fudge] doesn’t normally even like chocolate. They’re just like, ‘oh I don’t really like chocolate but I’m going to eat this one.’ 

“This one is the non-chocolate lovers chocolate. Alright.”

Holding up the Caramel Swirl, Kelsey claimed these tend to be popular among grandmothers. 

“Grandma’s favourite. Grandma always goes for these ones, like she can’t say she [doesn’t]. Grandma loves these caramel ones, right? You’re a grandma.

“You’re a weird loner who has no friends if you eat this one. 

“I don’t really understand what this one is or why it’s in there. Close call with touching kids but not quite.” 

According to the content creator, the red ones are for the kids. 

“You’ve got to be between five and ten years old to eat this one. I’m [going to] tell you why. 

“This is why. If you didn’t do this with your Quality Streets, you weren’t living life. 

“Like, I still do this. I’m [going to] pick this one. 

“They’re also absolutely robbing us because what the f*** is this? There used to be like four times as many.”

Fans loved Kelsey’s honest review, with the video gaining more than 280 likes and 2,700 views. 

In the comments, her followers shared their favourites, with one writing: “Pink ones are the best let’s be real.” 

Kelsey replied: “Hahah not for me!”

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Another said: “Purple one and caramel ones my fave…I'm a grandma AND a grandad….haha love it.”

A third added: “Nah, strawberry creme is for aunts who get drunk and ruin Christmas for everyone!!”

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