I ordered a plain cake from Costco – but what I got was so far from what I wanted & it totally ruined my birthday | The Sun

A WOMAN has opened up about how her birthday was completely ruined after her cake order went very wrong. 

On the countdown to her milestone celebrations, the lady went to Costco to select which sweet treat she’d like, as well as the all-important design. 

However, when she received it back, the shop had got the totally wrong end of the stick with her food order – and she couldn’t believe what she ended up with.

Social media user Cheryl Cruz explained that she wanted a plain cake with a simple red frosting trim around the edge.

To help the shop understand exactly what she meant, she put together a quick sketch.

Alongside it, she wrote: “No writing/no designs – only request is red frosting on perimeter for top/bottom.” 

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But when she went to collect it days later, Cheryl, who can be found on TikTok at @cherylcruz92, realised there had been a big mix-up. 

In a recent video posted to her profile, Cheryl told her 65.6k followers: “So I requested a plain cake from Costco with only red frosting around the perimeter…” 

Cheryl then unveiled what greeted her when she opened the box – and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Instead of what she’d requested, she got a plain white cake with the sketch of what she’d ordered iced in red onto the middle of it. 

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She added: “costcofail #birthdayruined.” 

But it seems that many of her followers saw the funny side, as the video has been liked almost 20k times.

And Cheryl’s not alone in this situation. 

Countless other social media users have shared their cake fail stories online in recent months. 

One even told how she’d forked out over £200 on what she hoped would be a cake to remember – only for it to work out that way for all of the wrong reasons.

Fellow TikToker Libby Carlson explained that she had her heart set on a four-tier cake and ordered it from a local bakery.

The super-fancy cake she had in mind was supposed to be covered in lashings of tasty ganache and sheets of chocolate.

However, what arrived was definitely not what she was expecting.

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