I Tried Milk Makeup's Color Chalk Eyeshadow Sticks, and the Shimmer Is Unreal

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Jessica Harringotn
Let’s be real: I’m not wearing much eyeshadow these days. My eye makeup consists of mascara, maybe a little liner, and occasionally, when I’m feeling fancy, I blend some of my bronzer onto my eyelids and call it a day. Pre pandemic, I used to blend multiple different eyeshadow shades together on my lids to create a full smoky, sometimes shimmery, look but I haven’t cracked open any of my palettes in over a year. The only way I’m going to apply eyeshadow at home is if it’s a quick and easy, swipe-and-go type of product, which is how I got into the Milk Makeup Color Chalk.

The Milk Makeup Color Chalks ($18) are individually wrapped sticks of pigment that come in 14 shades, ranging from neutrals to brights. They’re packaged in a reusable storage tube with a paper wrapper that you peel off as you go. The fun format reminds me of drawing with sidewalk chalk as a kid, except this formula is sparkly and doesn’t feel dry like the chalk of my childhood. The eyeshadow is unlike any makeup product I’ve seen before.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Jessica Harringotn

I applied the Color Chalk in two different ways: first, by using the stick directly on my eyelid and then blending the pigment with a brush; and second, by using my fingertip to pick up pigment from the applicator and then rubbing that onto my eyelid. I found both methods worked great but gave very different finishes. Using the stick directly on my eyelid gave a strong color payoff while blending it using my fingertip made for a softer diffused look.

Due to the chalky, glittery consistency, the formula can be a little clumpy when you first apply it but it’s nothing a little blending can’t fix. The pigments are incredible soft and shimmery, and are perfect for a quick eyeshadow look, whether you’re on the go or just short on time.

In this photo, I’m wearing the shade Kickball, a golden bronze hue.

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