I work with pets – 5 dog breeds I'd never own, including 'out of control demons' and 'crusty little ankle biters' | The Sun

A WOMAN who works with dogs has revealed the five distinct breeds she would never own.

There were two animals in particular that stood out for being "out of control demons" and "crusty little ankle biters."

Content creator Chelsea Nylen (@chilicheesechelsea) used to work regularly with pets.

She gained a lengthy animal education through the job.

In a TikTok video, she shared the five dog breeds that she personally would never own after working in the industry.

She posted a video disclaimer in the caption that read: "I love these breeds but I don’t want to own one of my own."

The first dog that she mentioned was a Husky because they were "completely unhinged and always screaming."

The second breed she wrote about was a German Shepherd because, according to her, they are "always the most anxious and FOR WHAT?"

Then, she added that Samoyed's weren't a top choice for her due to their constant barking, which made them the "fun police."

Chelsea followed this up with her fourth pet on the list, which was a long explanation about why it was literally any doodle mix.

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For her, the mixes were truly the worst because many owners often don't know how to handle their energy and breed mixes, so they end up being "out-of-control demons."

Finally, the fifth breed consisted of small white dogs with crusty eyes that she called "crusty little ankle biters."

She also warned in the caption for any doodle dog owners not to "come for" her because it was just her opinion.

Chelsea admitted that the video was in jest and has her own little chihuahua.

"I didn’t understand the husky hate til I house and pet sat for a friend. That damn dog was singing me the song of their people at 5 a.m. every day," a viewer shared.

"I agree with the husky being completely unhinged," another chimed in.

"I completely agree with you about the DOODLES. They are the WORST! As a dogwalker, they were the WORST to walk. I'm glad someone said it," a fan added.

"The way the owners of every other breed u mention are agreeing with u and the doodle owners are saying their dog is the best dog ever is on brand," a TikTok user commented.

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