I'm a frugal mum & am so cheap, I will use my friends' breastmilk for my kid – she even has a favourite now

A PENNY-PINCHING mum, from the US, has revealed she uses her friends' breastmilk to save money.

With the cost of living now rising to new levels, almost everyone is trying to find ways to save money where possible – and this woman is no exception.

But for Apple Melecio, a working mum-of-one, spending less has become her driving passion.

Appearing on TLC Extreme Cheapskates, Apple said that whenever she finds toys left in a playground, she will not hesitate to take them home – missing parts or not.

''Kids leave toys all the time. If they're unclaimed, why not pick them up and take it home with you?

''It's perfectly fine – we just wash it off.''

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Apple's husband, Victor, said that he had noticed his wife becoming more frugal after the couple gave birth to their daughter – but the mum decided to resort to even more stark measures when she suddenly stopped producing breastmilk.

Not willing to spend money on fortified milk for toddlers, she came up with a solution – to ask her friends and coworkers for their breastmilk.

And since then, their young daughter, Chloe, has also found a personal favourite in the collection – one from a person Apple works with.

''I mean, she will drink the others – but this is more her preference.''

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These sachets of free breastmilk saves the penny-pinching mum $1,000 (£790) a year.

''Having a baby made me more obsessed with saving money,'' Apple revealed.

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Sharing her frugal ways, the crafty mum said she even made DIY baby wipes at home.

With some paper towel, water and baby shampoo, Apple now could use these to clean surfaces and her toddler's bottom with.

Saving her 50 cents a day, these wet wipes, she claimed, were also reusable.

To maximise the savings even more, Apple also grabbed an old changing table from a gas station that was going out of business, and used some duck tape to secure it to a wall.

Those with children will know how expensive diapers can be – and the frugal mum's aware of the costs too.

But for this, she also had a solution – homemade nappies using old T-shirts.

''You cut the sleeves off. Fold the flaps – and there you go.''

But although Apple claimed to be spending less, eagle-eyed viewers pointed out to one thing.

''It kinda looks like she spends all the money on herself, did anyone else see that big closet with all her clothes in it?'' commented a sceptical user.

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Another said: ''So the lady pays for yoga classes but won’t buy her kid milk or sippy cups.''

Someone else wrote: ''I would NOT give my child someone else’s breast milk.''

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