Meghans style is now more popular than Kates – expert claims

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Meghan Markle’s style is more popular in the United States of America, according to new research, than Kate Middleton’s fashion. This is according to a new study completed by the popular style website Boohoo.

According to this recent study, musician Billie Eilish is the woman with the most influential sense of style in America.

However, the only two members of the Royal Family to make the list were the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan came in fourth place overall, coming behind Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande respectively.

Falling behind Meghan by one place was the Princess of Wales, showing that the Duchess has a more popular style in the USA than her sister-in-law.

Kate and Meghan do share similar tastes in style, but they are also into quite different types of clothes.

According to Google Trends, Kate rarely wears black except when during national periods of mourning, such as when Queen Elizabeth II died.

The Duchess of Sussex, however, frequently donned black clothing while she was a working member of the Royal Family.

This included Meghan’s custom Givenchy one-shoulder black dress for The Fashion Awards in 2018.

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The study showed that a whopping seven states in America are searching for Meghan’s style more than any other high-profile royal or celebrity.

According to this study, these states are Colorado, Delaware, Indiana, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Kate’s style, on the other hand, is only searched for the most in six American states, one less than Meghan’s.

These states are Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, New York, Ohio, and Utah, where American citizens are searching for the Princess’s outfits and jewellery the most.

Experts from Boohoo said: “In fourth place was the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

“The Duchess’s fashion is the most Googled in seven states, including Colorado, Indiana, Wisconsin and Massachusetts.

“Searches across the U.S. as a whole for Markle’s fashion stand at an average of 49,700 every month.”

The experts then commented: “With six states searching the most for their fashion in fifth place is the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton.

“The Princess has an average of 44,900 U.S. searches made each month for her outfits and style.”

A spokesperson for Boohoo further commented on the study by saying: “Social media has revolutionised fashion, making it instantly more accessible to find out what your favourite celebrity has been spotted wearing.

“Therefore, this study offers a fascinating insight into which celebrities cause the most interest in fashion as a result of their style.

“It is interesting to see the variation of styles that make the list, from Billie Eilish’s more informal, casual looks to Kate Middleton’s signature workwear style.”

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