Mrs Hinch fan uses fly spray to get her sticky windows gleaming after everything else made them worse

A MRS Hinch fan has claimed fly spray got her sticky windows gleaming like new after countless other products didn’t work. 

Her decorative window used to have a sticky film covering it, and when she removed it she was left with a grimy residue which wouldn’t budge. 

After trying traditional cleaning products, including Elbow Grease and The Pink Stuff, she sought advice on the internet. 

She shared a snap of the mucky window to Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK,  asking her help.

She wrote: “Any ideas in how to get this sticky film off a window. I’ve taken off an old privacy window film but it’s left this mess!

“I’ve tried pink stuff, elbow grease window cleaner and scrapping it but it still looks dreadful, thanks.”

Dozens of people commented on her post, recommending everything from WD40 to mayonnaise – which she used to no effect. 

She added: “It [mayonnaise] really doesn’t, haha I’ve just tried it as I’ve got lots, done nothing.

“Wished it had tho.”

Others suggested: “WD40 just gently rub it in and the sticky will come off then wash with soapy water.”

Someone else wrote: “Hairdryer to warm it then scrape off.”

A third commented: “Petrol lighter fluid on a cloth then rub it in.”

While this person recommended: “An orange. Best thing for sticky stuff.”

One person suggested another unlikely product – fly spray – which worked a treat.

After spritzing her window with the bug killer and giving it a wipe, she was finally able to see through it clearly.

Sharing the finished result online, she explained how she got it to shine. 

She said: “I’ve currently used fly spray and done half with elbow grease window cleaner and a micro fibre cloth and all gone – just the other side to go, thanks everyone.”

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