Mum-of-eight praised for genius laundry system which speeds up the washing & she swears it stops her kids fighting too

A MUM has revealed her clever laundry system which involves each of her eight kids having their own supplies.

The mum-of-eight shared her top tips to keep laundry organised in her huge household – and commenters say she’s a "hero".

Heather shared the video with her followers, and explained just why being organised is important when it comes to laundry. 

She said: “Another thing that my kids fight over is the laundry. 

“They fight over whose day is what. I’m doing laundry all week long.”

That’s why she decided to go out and purchase a large, plastic laundry basket for each one of her kids.

Inside each big plastic laundry basket, Heather placed a smaller basket that hooks on and attaches. 

Inside the smaller baskets, she placed essential laundry supplies, like detergent. 

Next, she stuck a name label on each basket, so her kids would know exactly which one belongs to them. 

To add to her incredibly organised new system, the mum-of-eight then created a timetable. 

Two of her children will do their laundry on Sundays, and the other six kids have a day each.

This way, there can be no mix-ups and no arguments over who gets to use the washing machine and tumble dryer on any given day. 

The video has racked up over a million likes, and commenters were blown away by the technique. 

“Wow!! Guess you have to be super organised. You really are mama of the year!”, wrote one viewer, while another said: “I only want one kid but still such a good idea to teach independence.”

“I constantly have laundry and it’s only me and my husband and son”, said another mum.

One impressed commenter wrote: “Mama, please come organise my whole life.”

“You are not just an amazing mom you are a hero”, enthused another viewer. 

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