Mum reveals why the 'lasagna' bed making technique is a lifesaver for busy parents – and people love the clever tip

A MUM has shared her clever bed making techhnique which she says is a lifesaver for busy parents.

Shelby, who posts on TikTok under @sparklegigglesmile, said the tip has "saved me so much time" and reckons all parents should know it.

The 'lasagna' technique is ideal for mums and dads whose little kids sometimes wet the bed as it means less time spent faffing about in the middle of the night.

The idea is to put on an extra set of sheets when making the bed so there's one ready to go when you need to strip it after an accident.

In the clip, she explains: "Mummas, I don't care how old your kids are, this tip has saved me so much time.


"When you're making your baby's bed, layer a waterproof mattress pad and your sheets like lasagne, that way, if there's an accident, you have an extra set on the bed ready to go."

The tip got its name thanks to the method used to make a the tasty pasta dish – layering each element multiple times until you fill the pan.

Shelby did just two layers of each – the waterprrof pad and the bed sheet – but there's nothing stopping parents from doing three or even four.

Super impressed by the tip, one woman commented: "Are you running for president? You have my vote."

"That's brilliant," said another.

Some parents were already doing it and agreed it's "save their lives", while others are desperate to give it a go.

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