Mum slams ‘inappropriate’ Amazon for including sex toys in its hair removal range

A MUM has branded Amazon ‘inappropriate’ after she found sex toys for sale in the hair removal category. 

Sara Keel was browsing the shopping site when she spotted some adult toys lurking in the grooming section. 

She was shocked to see a vibrator wand, a male sex toy and a dildo alongside tweezers and threading tools. 

Taking to social media, Sara questioned why these products were available alongside generic items. 

She wrote on Facebook: “Eek! Sex toys in hair removal products category on Amazon??? Really???? 

“This is a category that teens would quite understandably browse through,” Metro reported. 

I’m not aiming to be a prude but am mindful that teens – children! – might look in this list

Outraged, Sara confirmed she had flagged the issue to the e-tailer.

She continued: “Is it appropriate to have 'lifelike' dolls/butts as an item to buy in the hair removal threading top 100? 

“That’s just one example of the inappropriate items that are in the results list.’ 

“I’ve reported to Amazon, hopefully they will re-categorise or remove. 

“I’m not aiming to be a prude but am mindful that teens – children! – might look in this list! Eek!”

Commenting on Sara’s post, people agreed it was “inappropriate”, while some explained why the sex toys may have slipped through the net.

One person said: “If you have flagged it inappropriate and it is, Amazon will eventually remove it from the category and disallow advertising for the item. 

“It is quite easy to list an inappropriate product in a different category by not mentioning any keywords that are automatically flagged as adult. 

“This is third party sellers trying to trick the system.”

Amazon confirmed to Fabulous Digital the products have since been removed from the category.

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