Mum transforms her tiny loft cupboard into an amazing chill-out den for her toddler and she does it completely for free

A ‘BORED’ mum decided to turn her old cleaning cupboard into an incredible den for her toddler, and it didn’t cost a penny. 

The mum was getting restless stuck in isolation, so she decided to do a little DIY for her four-year-old and gave the loft room a makeover. 

The mum turned it into a magical den for her son – after previously storing her vacuum in it – by painting a funky pattern on the wall, and adding some fairy lights and accessories. 

The mini-makeover was completely free, as she just used some old paint and other bits she had lying around the house. 

She shared snaps of her project to Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK, where it’s racked up more than 500 likes. 

She said: “Bored in self isolation so we dug out some old paints and changed the world's smallest room into a chill out room for our 4 year old.”

She added her son “loves it”, adding he was happily watching his iPad in the tiny room. 

While the end result looks fab, it was tricky getting access to the cupboard as the entrance is a via a miniature door, with the mum saying her partner got through it “with difficulty”. 

People have claimed the cupboard is like “the tardis”, with one person commenting: “You should get a door bell for it as well. That’s adorable.”

Another said: “That looks amazing. Some transformation and never cost anything.”

A third wrote: “What… wait.. you go through that tiny door?!

"Wow it’s a like a tardis!”

Someone else added: “Looks fab, wouldn't think you have that space through the tiny door. Great job.”

While this person thought: “Wow so you go through that tiny door to that fab space !!”

And another added: " This is amazing! That door is super cute!£

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