My boyfriend always thinks I've had lip filler but this is the nifty make-up hack that tricks people every time

MAKE-UP IS a wonderful tool that can enhance your natural beauty or completely transform your look.

And one woman has revealed her clever make-up hack to make it instantly look like you have had lip fillers.

TikTok user, brittneyraetoday, posted a video of her hack where it has been viewed over 700k times.

Brittney revealed that every time she has done the make-up her partner thinks she has gone and got lip filler injected, and showed users how to recreate the look.

To recreate the look at home, you will need; a contour stick, nude lip liner, and lip gloss.

Brittney starts by applying cream contour to the top and bottom of her lips but only in the centre where the cupid bow is and the fullest part of your bottom lip.

She then blends it lightly but makes sure not to take it too far down her chin or the length of her lips so that it creates a deep shadow that makes your lips appear fuller in the centre.

She then touches up the contour using a nude lip liner in areas she wants to accentuate.

Finally,Brittney goes over her lips with lip gloss, she said it doesn't have to be plumping lip gloss but if you do use it, it will also help create fuller-looking lips.

The end results are incredibly, and people in the comments couldn't wait to try the hack themselves.

One user exclaimed: "This looks amazing! I'm going to try this technique!"

Another user commented: "Yes! I used to wonder why overlining the hell out of my lips didn't look right and then switched to this method and never looked back."

A third person replied: "I need to know what lip liner and gloss? The colour is outstanding."

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