My youngest son is my eldest boy's uncle after my ex cheated then I married his dad…but now we’re back together

DRAMA between family members is a rather common occurrence – but one woman has taken that to a whole new level.

A nurse, who runs the TikTok account @tangerinemuch, revealed her rather complicated romantic history that has resulted in her youngest son being her eldest son's uncle.

In a now-viral video shared to the site, detailing the unusual story, the American woman explains that she "got married at 19 to my step-son".

Anticipating a whole lot of confusion, she then goes on to break it all down.

She writes: "He was my first love so we had a baby.

"Then he started cheating on me with my cousin. The only person I could think to talk to about it was his dad.

"His dad helped me get away, but at the same time we fell in love. I got a divorce and his dad moved me to a condo.

"I got pregnant and married my ex's dad then found out he was cheating with my ex's new girlfriend.

"So I started cheating with my ex-husband (his son), divorced the dad and now my son is my oldest son's uncle."

In a later clip, she clarifies that she was not married to her first love's dad when she met him – but began her previous post with the step-son reference because that was what eventually came to be.

The first video has been viewed more than 1.6million times, receiving more than 134,000 'likes' and over 12,000 people leaving messages.

One understandably wrote: "Trying to understand this…got my head hurting."

Another commented: "At this point y'all just need to move in together."

A third joked: "This is how confused I be on calculus tests."

Another shared: "When I tell you I'm confused as hell."

And a fourth added: "This is too much."

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