Oprah Has Included This Brand on Her Favorite Things List Since 2013, and This Year’s Pedicure Kit Is Still in Stock

Among the hundreds of items mentioned in Oprah’s Favorite Things of 2020 list, we recognized one special shoutout that warmed our (recovering) cold and aching hearts. 

In between what might be the fluffiest pair of slippers ever introduced to the world and adorable self-tie headbands, Oprah featured the Footnanny starter kit, a bundle of goodies made by her long-time nail tech who hustled her way to creating her very own (and very successful) business. 

This isn’t the first time Miss Winfrey featured Footnanny. She’s a loyal queen, after all, and we’ve seen the brand’s top-rated foot creams and pedicure sets included in Favorite Things lists every year since 2013. Now, you might be thinking this is just some favor between friends, but cut that out of your brain because these pedicure products are the real deal, sirs and ma’ams. 

Take, for instance, the kit included in this year’s round-up. 

The starter bundle includes a specialty buffer, eucalyptus foot cream, and cotton set of socks that are designed to work together to thoroughly replenish dry, cracked feet. All you have to do is apply the cream to clean feet and ankles, put on the luscious socks over them, and wait 30 minutes. Just like that, your feet will start to look less like the Sahara Desert and more like, you know, human feet. 

FootNanny Starter Kit Bundle

Shop now: $50; amazon.com

If that doesn’t inspire you to invest in the Oprah-approved kit, the incredibly wholesome story of how O and Footnanny creator Gloria Williams met surely will. 

“One day I was doing freelance work at the Oprah show,” Williams explained in an interview with the OWN network. “She walked in and got a service by someone and I saw that service and I said, ‘Oh no, we’ve got to do this better. We’ve got to take this on up to the next level of foot care.’”

Williams says she pleaded with Oprah’s glam squad to have one shot at giving Oprah a pedi, knowing that if she messed up, “Jesus would come down and the angels of heaven would cry.”

We can’t be certain, but it seems as though no tears were shed from any party involved. Below, you can shop other Oprah-approved Footnanny products, including perfect-for-gifting sets, that’ll save your skin in no time.  

Footnanny Oprah Magazine Foot Cream

Shop now: $144; amazon.com

Footnanny Oprah Magazine Foot Cream

Shop now: $132; amazon.com

Footnanny Oprah Magazine Foot Cream

Shop now: $6; amazon.com

Footnanny Oprah Magazine Foot Cream

Shop now: $16; amazon.com

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