Primark debuts the high street’s first ever game where fans can find out what it’s REALLY like to work there

IF you felt you hadn’t quite gotten over your shopping withdrawal over lockdown, you’re in luck as Primark have released a game where you can be a virutal staff member. 

Dubbed it the ‘high street’s first mobile gaming app’, the free game is called Primark Legends and is available on Google Play and the Apple Store.

Fans of the brand can finally experience what it’s like to really work in the store, with three levels available.

Primark explained: “Select an easy day for beginners, weekday for intermediate, or challenge yourself and take on our advanced weekend mode.”

The game reflects “real life” in their busy stores, so if you’ve always wondered what goes on behind the scenes this will be right up your street.

Announcing the game on their website, they said: “Primark Legends is a fun, fast-paced, shop assistant simulator where you’ll take the role of a new member of the Team in Primark’s first digital shop and attempt to stay on your feet as a busy day unfolds. 

“Help customers find their perfect outfits and make sure they’re happy while you juggle tidying shelves, cleaning up spills and filling the shop with new stock.”

Fans must try and get a five-star rating by creating ‘conga lines’ of happy customers, reuniting shoppers with lost items and what they describe as ‘most important’ – listening to the boss. 

Although they added: "(This game was designed before lockdown, so won't reflect all the changes we've made to stores irl!)"

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