Savvy mum transforms daughter’s bedroom with 99p Home Bargains wrapping paper after failing to find wallpaper she liked

A SAVVY mum transformed her daughter’s bedroom using wrapping paper – after she couldn’t find a wallpaper design she liked. 

The mum explained her little girl wanted a mermaid theme for her room, but was struggling to find a suitable pattern in wallpaper. 

The mum had a brainwave when wrapping her birthday presents, so she bought three rolls of wrapping paper from Home Bargains, for 99p each, to cover the wall instead.

The end result is an incredible iridescent feature wall covered in scales, and it cost the mum less than £3 to do. 

She shared the budget transformation on Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK, where it’s racked up more than 1,700 likes. 

She said: “Couldn't find a wallpaper that we liked for our girls room and while wrapping her bday presents we thought that the wrapping paper matched what she wanted…

“So we used wrapping paper on her wall instead of wallpaper and it only cost me 2.97 for the whole wall and we love it..

“It’s not perfect but looks amazing on her wall.”

She followed the same method for putting wallpaper up, applying wallpaper paste to the wall first and then the wrapping paper on top. 

Despite the incredible result, the mum added the room wasn’t quite finished yet, as her daughter also wanted a mural on the wall. 

She added: “Daughter chose which way to put the scales as she wanted [a] mermaid to be swimming across the blue wall which I have to draw today.

“So the wall will be the mermaid's tail.”

Her project has gone down a storm online, as fellow mums claimed you couldn’t tell it wasn’t wallpaper.

One commented: “Game changer right there.” 

Another wrote: “You might have started a trend here, great idea looks lovely.”

A third said: “You can’t actually tell it’s wrapping paper.”

While someone else added: “I’ve thought about using wrapping paper many of times! Lol looks amazing!”

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