Savvy shopper nabs a vacuum cleaner for just £1 in the B&M sale… and that’s just the start of her mega haul

A SAVVY shopper has shared how she managed to bag a £1 vacuum cleaner from B&M in their sale as she did a mega haul. 

The thrifty woman shared a receipt of her bargains, and details the purse-friendly items she managed to stock up on. 

Taking to the Facebook group B&M Bargains & More, she wrote: “Today's Bargains. Hoover £1.

“Unicorn 4 drawer chest  £1, power banks 10p each, pencil cases 10p, hats 10p.”

The vacuum cleaner appears to be a Goodman’s model, and B&M has several versions on their website that usually retail for around £50.

Many people were highly impressed at her bargain haul and queried how she managed to pick up the deals. 

Avid B&M fans said the best way is to use the store’s app, and then you scan the barcode on items to see the price. 

Some products may scan at lower prices than is labelled on shelves, so you can end up with some very discounted finds when you arrive at the time. 

One person raved on Facebook: “ffs a vaccum for £1.”

Another added: “I need to go shopping with you.”

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