Shopper’s innocent supermarket sausage question takes a VERY rude turn – The Sun

WITH the public's interest in vegan and vegetarian diets reaching an all-time high, the range of plant-based foods at the supermarket seems to expand all the time.

A curious Australian shopper- who came across Beyond Meat's meat-free sausages while looking for groceries in her local IGA supermarket – wanted to know what other people thought of the fast food substitute before she bought a pack.

Posting on the Facebook group Budget Friendly Meals Australia, she wrote: "Just wondering if anyone has tried these vegan sausages from IGA? Opinions please? Are they nice?"

However, her post received plenty of attention for all the wrong reasons, with people comparing the meat substitute to something very different.

The sausages had fallen on one side of the pack and shrunk into a shape many social media users compared to male genitals.

One shocked woman wrote: "Vegan sausages… that was not my first thought when I saw them."

Another man joked: "They're willy nice."

Many members of the group had a good laugh at the look of the woman's supermarket find.

"I can't stop laughing," one woman wrote.

Another agreed: "Vegans will try anything to turn us!"

The jokes just kept coming. One woman quipped: “So you’re telling me I could have gone to the supermarket instead of getting with my ex?”

While another added: “I guess if you’re after a sugar daddy, this is what to expect?"

The phallic food seems to have put some shoppers off their appetite, with some comments they could 'never' eat Beyond Meat's sausages again.

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