Somewhat jarring! Diana and Camilla wore same jewel with undeniable link to Charles’

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Princess Diana had a huge and impressive jewellery collection when she was a member of the Royal Family. Many pieces were given to her by Her Majesty and, after the late Princess died, they were returned to her.

This, therefore, is the reason why Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has been seen wearing the same jewels as Diana wore when she was alive.

Camilla has donned a particular brooch in recent years which Diana wore as a necklace.

The late Princess of Wales wore a diamond and green pendant on multiple occasions.

The pendant featured the Prince of Wales’ three feathers, surrounded by a circle of diamonds.

Hanging from the oval-shaped pendant was a teardrop emerald stone.

This diamond and emerald piece seemed to be detachable as Camilla did not wear it as a necklace, but as a brooch.

Camilla wore the brooch to a party to celebrate her husband’s 50th anniversary as the Prince of Wales in March 2019.

The brooch was pinned to the left lapel of the Duchess’ green dress.

When Diana was alive, the Princess famously wore the heirloom during a state visit to Vienna in 1986.

At the time, she also matched it with a dark green dress, covered in sequins.

The piece was originally a brooch but was fashioned into a necklace by the Princess of Wales for the occasion.

The brooch was first given as a wedding gift to Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863 by the Ladies of Bristol.

Princess Alexandra married Bertie, the Prince of Wales – the couple later became Queen Alexandra and King Edward VII.

Although Diana and Camilla wore the piece in different ways, some royal fans may think it strange the Duchess of Cornwall decided to don it considering her and the late Princess’ history.

Charlotte White, Head of Design at Europe’s largest online diamond jeweller 77 Diamonds, agreed.

She said: “The notion of Camilla wearing a sparkling emerald and diamond brooch that once rested gracefully as a pendant on Diana’s skin and close to her heart, does feel somewhat jarring when you think that many years ago Camilla was Diana’s husband’s lover.”

Charlotte added: “In fact though, this antique emerald and diamond brooch is technically the property of Her Majesty the Queen and after Diana’s passing would have been returned to the Queen.

“And yet, this 158 year old jewel does contain within it an undeniable link to Prince Charles, the man to whom both these women are inextricably linked.

“The jewel’s smooth and polished teardrop emerald pendant hangs from an oval comprised of diamonds encircling, also in diamond form, the three-feathered insignia of the Prince of Wales.

“If jewels such as these could talk, wouldn’t you just love to hear the stories of everything they’d witnessed?”

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