Sunbeams semi-finals – vote for your favourite babies and you could win £500 cash!


OUR mission to find Britain’s bonniest baby is reaching its climax, with more than 15,000 entrants whittled down to just a dozen.

Now we need your help deciding on the six babies who will face-off in next week’s grand finale – and you have the chance of winning £500 after voting.

Our team of judges created an initial shortlist of 48 babies from the whopping file of 15,383 entries.

Now, after a series of heats over the past month, thousands of Sun users have helped narrow the field further, to the 12 beauties below.

But which will make the final stage? You decide!

Make a vote in either (or both) of the semi-final polls below and you’ll be shown the prize question. Answer correctly and fill in your details to enter our prize draw – there's £500 cash up for grabs.

You can enter the draw once each heat/round, so twice on this page. UK residents, 18+ only. See here for full T&Cs.

Okay, ready to choose? The final line-up is in your hands…




Amaya, Eastbourne

Age: 10 months

Nature – especially trees blowing in the wind
Crawling/trying to walk
Babbling from first thing in the morning till she's finally asleep

Not being able to see family and friends
Having to go to bed


Ava, Southampton

Age: 13 months

Messy play
Anything she can put in her mouth, especially yogurt
Bedtime books & cuddles
Helping mummy & daddy unload the washing machine
Bath time

Wearing hats!
She’s a lockdown baby so not keen on strangers
Brushing her teeth (although mummy makes her)


Edie, Birmingham

Age: 9 months

Dancing to reggae music
Clapping along to her favourite nursery rhymes
The occasional sip of daddy’s tea!

Getting out of the bath
Getting dressed


Frankie, Croydon

Age: 11 months

Noisy books
Watermelon – he gets it all over him
Sitting outside and making noises and sounds to all the passers-by

Keeping still
Beef stew
His sister’s panda teddy bear (he cries)


Isla, Leicester

Age: 8 months

Lots of food, especially Mexican chicken
Seeing the dogs
Playing in her ball pit
The bath and hot tub

Fish pie
Being on her belly


Zachary, London


Age: 10 months

Playing in his playpen
Play on the swings and seesaw in the playground
Blueberries – he’d eat a whole packet if left unattended
Netflix show Mighty Little Bheem
Bath time with rubber duckie

Waiting for his food
Sleeping past 6am
Having his nose cleaned


Vote now!

That's our first set of beauties. Got a few favourites? Well, you can only pick one! Choose wisely!

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Albie, Banchory

Age: 11 months

Music, singing, dancing
Watching and interacting with animals/pets

Loud noises


Amelia, Weston Super Mare

Age: One year

Facetime with family members
Playing with her toys

When daddy is cheering on the cricket
The sound of parcel tape being used


Hallie, Derby

Age: 11 months

Going to the field with her two doggies and throwing them the ball
Crabsticks and chocolate
Waving at dogs when she’s going for walks (I think she’s waiting for one to wave back at her!)

Lie-ins! She’s always up bright and early


Ivy, Bexhill-on-Sea


Age: 11 months

Playing with hats – or anything that she can put on her head!
Dancing – as soon as she hears music she can’t help but do her little baby groove

Mummy leaving the room
Her big brother taking her toys away from her


Margot, Braintree


Age: 13 months

Animals, especially doggies
Going to the park to play on the swings

Daddy when he uses the drill – too noisy!
Eating mushrooms or anything slimy
Being strapped in the car seat/pram


Theodore, Northampton


Age: 8 months

Bath time
All the food!
Peppa Pig (obsessed)
Bouncing on his feet
Cuddles with his doggy, Luther
Playing with daddy

Any TV that’s not Peppa Pig


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And that's it – our second set of semi-final babies. But who do you want in the final? Make your choice now!

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THIS week's semi-finals feature our eight heat winners from the past four weeks – plus the four non-winning babies with the highest percentages.

The top three babies from each of the two semis will make the grand final next week, but there can only be one winner of the Sunbeams crown – and the £1000 cash!

Go to for the latest page/vote at any stage.

Here are the key dates (subject to change)

Heats 1 & 2 – Now closed – see results

Heats 3 & 4 – Now closed – see results

Heats 5 & 6 – Now closed – see results

Heats 7 & 8 – Now closed – see results

Semis – Now open (this page!). Ends 10am on 21 May.

Final – Opens 6pm on 21 May. Ends 10am on 28 May.


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