The Octopus Haircut Is Coming For You

While it may seem like every other week there's a new hair trend circulating on the internet, some of them have been slowly growing and on the verge of explosion. Namely the octopus haircut.

For 2022, Pinterest predicts that rebel cuts, like this, will be all the rage. No more hiding behind soft layers — this year will be all about look-at-me styles that are hard to miss. Furthermore, the image-sharing platform says that searches for "octopus hair" hair grew 50% in the last year. They even shared with InStyle that the searches skyrocketed 89% in December alone, mainly driven by Gen Z and Millennials around the world, but specifically in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Brazil, and India.

"The octopus haircut is a mix between the shaggy and mullet styles, and is characterized by having a lot of volume on the top and a lot of layers throughout the hair," says celebrity hairstylist and Aloxxi brand ambassador, Leonardo Rocco. "The outer edges should be soft — preferably cut with a razor to create the effect of octopus tentacles."  

Because of the layering and shape of this new-school mullet, Rocco says this style is best suited for people with straight and wavy hair types, with shoulder-length to long strands. "It suits all faces and shapes really nicely," he adds.

If you're interested in updating your hair, but aren't sure what to ask for at the salon, make sure to bring inspiration photos along with you. Rocco also suggests going back in for a trim and shape every six weeks to keep your cut looking ink-redible (sorry).

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While the cut may be a little high maintenance, styling it is a lazy person's dream.

No seriously.

Air-drying is actually most ideal for the look, as that's what gives the crop a cool, undone look. And to give it more oomph, Rocco suggests using volumizing shampoo and conditioner on wash-day, then applying Aloxxi's Bombshell Volumizing Styler to dry hair. "You'll get that big, voluminous look without weighing the hair down and keeping lots of movement," he says. If you want to give your octopus haircut a more well-defined shape, you can also use a round brush to blowdry your top layers for that tenta-cool look (get it?).

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