There's a Reason Why Good Sunglasses Are So Expensive

My boyfriend and I are currently in a fight we started over a year ago. Basically, when we bought an armoire for our room, we divided up the drawers fairly. That means that I, the one who works in fashion, would have a drawer or two more than my boyfriend, who owns the same amount of clothing any sane person would. But then my sunglasses collection became too unwieldy, forcing me to secretly took over one of his drawers to house it. Even though it took him weeks to notice, he still got mad, and now whenever I open up that drawer to pick out my sunglasses for the day, he always says, "You know, that's my drawer, and you really don't need all of those". 

But the truth is I do. Once I started investing in high-quality sunglasses, I became obsessed with owning as many pairs as possible. For years, I just lived off of those $10 ones you buy on a beach boardwalk, but now I realize that constantly shelling out cash for cheap, ineffective sunglasses every time I needed them wasn't saving me money. Instead, I was basically throwing it away.

Once you finally decide to buy a really good pair of sunglasses — for me, it was a vintage Miu Miu pair I found on The Real Real — it's hard to go back, and that price tag you once balked at suddenly starts to make sense. Good sunglasses actually protect your eyes from the sun, which, we often forget, is the main goal of even wearing a pair. Higher quality materials also means they're made to last longer, so if you consider cost per wear, they'll likely equal out to less money than the cheaper option you bought and tossed days later. Plus, polarized sunglasses prevent glare, and you can even add in your prescription if you need. The positives here are endless.

Most importantly — at least for me! — is that expensive sunglasses are always a look. They have the ability to elevate and make an outfit, and when you think about other accessories like handbags or shoes, sunglasses are far more affordable. So next time you want a Gucci bag, maybe consider a pair of Gucci sunglasses instead. Designer sunglasses are the perfect way to buy into a brand you didn't think you could splurge on originally.   

However, don't blame me if your partner ends up complaining about your new collection taking up space. Instead, go ahead and give them the spiel like I just did on why investing in good sunglasses is necessary. Before you know it, they might just have a sunglass collection of their own, too.

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