Actress says ‘more Weinstein victims in the UK will speak out’

An actress who claims Harvey Weinstein attacked her says we will now see other victims in the UK speak out in the wake of his conviction.

Louise Godbold reckons the producer will have left “a pile of other victims” here after years spent visiting London.

The 57-year-old, who now runs workshops helping people overcome trauma, says she has supported 35 women targeted by the sex fiend.

And she claims she knows of at least one British rape victim who has yet to speak.

Today, Louise is urging Weinstein’s victims to speak out about their ordeal – if they feel able to.

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She said: “Only if you feel like you can do this without it breaking you, then tell your story. Wherever Harvey went, he left a pile of victims. It stands to reason there is a trail of victims in the UK.

“I continually hear from new survivors – of Weinstein and others – and now it’s ‘safe’ to come out, we will hear from many more.”

Louise quit acting to join the #MeToo movement. And she says those helped by her workshops include 15 women abused by sitcom star Bill Cosby and allegedly targeted by R&B star R Kelly. Recalling her own ordeal, she said she visited Weinstein’s New York office in 1991 to discuss an internship.

The meeting was set up by her childhood friend, actress Lysette Anthony, who also says she was targeted by the film producer.

Louise said of their New York meeting: “He began traipsing me around on this tour.

“He went into this empty conference room. That’s when he grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch. I was horrified.

“But as I rushed to the door, he bounded over and planted a slobbery kiss on my mouth.”

Louise said she called Lysette, who said she would speak to Weinstein.

She said: “Lysette called back saying Harvey was mortified but, tellingly, had asked if I was going to tell anyone. Due to the culture back then, it never crossed my mind to speak out.”

Several months later, a second meeting was arranged at the Beverly Hills Hotel in LA.

Louise went to the producer’s suite thinking he was genuinely remorseful.

She said: “He gave this spiel about how sorry he was. Harvey then made a motion with his neck as though he was in pain and asked if I could massage it. He disappeared into the bedroom. He called me in, where I find a beached whale of a naked Weinstein except for a bathrobe lying on a bed expecting a massage.

“I began to rub him but then he turned on to his side. He was naked with an erection. I couldn’t get out quick enough.”

She did not tell Lysette, saying: “I don’t know why. But we didn’t speak for 27 years.”

It was only in 2017, when Louise was shown an article outing Weinstein, that she rekindled her friendship with Lysette – who claims the film producer attacked her at her home in the 80s.

“I was so upset hearing of her ordeal,” Louise said.

“I managed to get her number and we talked. We’ve not stopped talking.”

Louise, who has given the Met Police a statement supporting Lysette’s case, was one of the first British women to accuse Weinstein of attacking her.

Actresses Uma Thurman and Kate Beckinsale have also since alleged the fiend targeted them in Britain Louise said: “Justice needs to happen for Weinstein in the UK. If it can happen, it must.”

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