Alexis Skyy Doesn’t ‘Feel Good’ Ahead of Event With Ari Fletcher

Hours before the mother of one is set to take the stage in Walton Beach, Florida, she takes to Instagram Stories to write, ‘I don’t feel good at all man,’ along with a worried face emoticon.

AceShowbiz – Is this a coincidence or not? Alexis Skyy is supposed to appear at a stripper event in Santa Rosa, Florida on Saturday night, March 14, but ahead of the event, the social media star admitted to not feeling well.

In a post shared on Instagram Stories, Alexis wrote, “I don’t feel good at all man.” She additionally put a worried face emoticon in the post.

Alexis didn’t reveal whether or not she would still appear at the event. However, people have already started speculating that she might be faking it considering that her nemesis, Ari Fletcher, is going to share the stage with her at the event.

“When you supposed to meet on the playground to fight after school, and u start having 2nd thoughts of u can win or not,” someone quipped. “Lmfaoooo jus say u scared sis lol all that talk online but now u ‘dont feel well,’ ” another similarly said.

One more individual commented, “Of all days sis wanna be sick today,” while another person weighed in, “The irony. she just was out yesterday feeling great.”

For those who need a reminder, Alexis and Ari were recently beefing online after the former was accused of copying the baby mother of G Herbo (previously known as Lil Herb). In response, she claimed that she “paved the way for these b***hes.”

That didn’t sit well with Ari who then started attacking her on Twitter. In one post, she said, “Paved the way? PAVED THE F**KING WAY FOR WHO? $3500 could never get me in the club.” She also wrote, “Don’t flatter yourself! I wasn’t even talking about you but you do fit. You like my style is okay. Don’t let these fans gass you.”

Alexis reacted, “Shawty let make something VERY CLEAR…I haven’t accepted nothing less than 5k since 2016, so that’s $3500 you thought was my fee, was most likely a DEPOSIT! Now Double those numbers UP & THATS my current hosting fee!! $7000!!”

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