Amazon Delivery Driver Caught On Camera Peeing In Front Yard After Locking Himself Out Of His Van — Oops

This probably isn’t exactly how one Amazon delivery driver figured he’d be spending his workday…

A homeowner’s Ring doorbell and security camera system in a Maryland city caught something very interesting this week when a driver for the tech giant came over to hand over a package. Delivery made, the driver popped back out to his van, which was parked in the driveway, and that’s when the whole thing went to s**t! Or, went to piss, we suppose!!! LOLz!

As you can see in the actual video clip from the scene of the, um, incident (below), the driver quickly realizes he’s locked himself out of his van upon leaving to go drop off the package at the customer’s doorstep. Worse still, as he walks methodically around the locked auto, he tries every single door with no luck! And even worse than that, as you can probably tell from the windshield wipers, it appears to be raining as the poor guy is rebuffed at every entrance.

But wait! The craziest part is just beginning! Maybe it was the wait for help unlocking his truck, or the sound of rain falling around him, or something else entirely, but suddenly nature called!!! Ch-ch-check out this guy’s piss-poor excuse for being stuck in that home’s driveway all day right here:

Oh nooo!!!!

Say it ain’t so… that poor guy! And that poor homeowner! Definitely not ideal to have some rando peeing on your lawn, even if it is raining and all…

BTW, TMZ is reporting the customer has not contacted Amazon yet about the driver’s actions. Doesn’t matter much now because Jeff Bezos‘ omniscient super-corporation probably knows by now anyways with this thing plastered all over the headlines and across social media. Oops!

Still, we feel for the driver here — those guys and gals work really long days with hectic, unforgiving schedules and precious few opportunities to hit up the bathroom when nature calls. Plus, with the coronavirus pandemic and all the personal health and hygiene precautions going around right now, we’d imagine homeowners (understandably!) aren’t too keen on letting random people use the bathroom inside. A tough scene all around! Poor guy!!

What do y’all think about this little pee party, Perezcious readers?! Should the driver be punished or fired for this?? Or is it just one of those things — regrettable, but understandable, and unfortunate it got caught on tape??

Let us know what you think with your comments and opinions down (below)…

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