Amber Portwood: I’m DONE Assaulting People and Going to Jail!

By now, you’re probably aware of Amber Portwood’s never-ending legal issues.

Portwood assaulted her ex-fiance Andrew Glennon back in July of 2019, and while she somehow avoided jail time, her life hasn’t exactly been a picnic in the months since

Glennon maintains full custody of the former couple’s 1-year-old son, James.

Amber has visitation rights, but she’s still involved in constant legal wrangling with her ex.

The custody battle between Portwood and Glennon has been an ugly one, with Amber pulling out all the stops in her effort to burn James’ life to the ground.

She even filed contempt charges against Glennon simply because he decided to take James to California over the Christmas holidays.

Despite the outward appearance of insane drama, Amber says her life is more stable than ever.

She opened up about the progress she’s made since her latest rock bottom in a new interview with Us Weekly.

“I really had to go through something terrible in order for me to kind of sit back and say, ‘Hey, this is what I need to work on. This is how I work on it. And no more excuses,” Portwood told the magazine.

“It’s time to actually do the job and get it done — one by one and not putting too much on myself,’” Amber continued.

“I think once I started doing it that way and really working hard on it in the best way that I could, I learned to truly, truly love myself in a sense.”

While it’s great that Amber has recognized the need to work on herself, it still sounds like she considers herself the victim, and not, say, the person she attacked with a machete a few months ago.

Fans are understandably skeptical, but Portwood maintains they’ll see how much progress she’s made in the new season of Teen Mom OG, which premieres next week.

“I think that one thing that people are going to see within this next season is me just completely changing, in some aspects, of how I do things differently when it comes to my family and how I relate them back into my life,” she said.

“I feel like I had this very immature outlook on filling that void in my heart. I needed to fill it with some sort of love and the main focus I had was men at the time,” Portwood admits.

Going forward, Amber says she vows to focus on her children and be more present for the important people in her life.

“My children are my main priority always, even though it might be hard for some people to think that,” Portwood says.

“I truly just try to think of my family, think of my beautiful children and what I need to do next so I can be here for them and be the best mom I can be,” she adds.

“I did a major change within myself and within my life in a little less than a year and I am happy. It’s a blessing in disguise as well as one of the hardest times in my life.”

Hey, we’re happy to congratulate Amber on all the progress she’s made.

We just hope she understands that self-improvement is a lifelong process, and she has a lot to make up for.

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