American Idol’s Taylor Hicks Reveals Scary Experience During Nashville Tornadoes

Taylor Hicks says he “held on for dear life” while the tornadoes were ravaging through Nashville earlier this week.

The 43-year-old singer, who won season five of American Idol, is opening up about his near-death experience in a new interview with People.

“This tornado seemed like it came out of nowhere,” he said. “I remember looking outside my window and there was so much lightning, and then the power went off… it was not a flickering outage. It went off immediately in a blink of an eye, [and] that’s when I knew I needed to get into a safe place.”

Taylor found a safe space to hide in the garage.

“I could feel the whole house completely shake and I just had to get into the crawl space and I held on,” he said. “I heard the debris. I heard the train sound. I held on for dear life.”

“There for a moment, it’s almost like I went through temporary insanity because it’s such a traumatic experience because you don’t know at that point where the storm is tracking,” he added.

Thankfully, Taylor is okay, but there is damage to his home.

“There were trees snapped,” he said. “My roof is damaged. My patio furniture was in a tree three blocks from me … Halfway down my alleyway buildings had collapsed and roofs were missing.”

24 people were killed in Tennessee during the tornadoes on Tuesday.

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