Ana Navarro Slams Shameful Republicans For Not Attending Jan. 6 Ceremony

‘The View’ co-host denounced Republicans who minimized the tragedy of the insurrection by skipping the anniversary ceremony, while praising Dick and Liz Cheney for being the lone conservatives in attendance.

Ana Navarro, 50, didn’t mince words when blasting Republican members of Congress who skipped out on the House of Representatives’ ceremony to mark the first anniversary of the January 6 insurrection. The View co-host, who is a self-identified Republican, said that it was “incredibly shameful” that almost all of the Republican members of Congress decided to forgo the moment of silence.

Ana got heated as she called out the Republicans for both trying to change the narrative surrounding the Capitol riot and not showing respect for those who helped protect them, during a Friday January 7 episode of The View. “All of those Republicans that got helped by the Capitol Police. All those Republicans, who we saw running for their lives. All those Republicans, who were cowering under desks on January 6. None of them could take a minute to observe silence, and observe January 6 and instead were saying that it was some sort of media propaganda,” she said. “That is shameful.”

The only Republicans that did attend the ceremony were Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney and her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, and Ana was thankful for both of them. Even though she said she may not always agree with the former VP, she commended him for attending to both support his daughter and for his country. “What he did yesterday was an honorable act. He was not only acting as somebody who served in the House of Representatives for many years, and thus has floor privileges to walk on the floor, he was there as an American. He was there as a Republican elder, and he was there as Liz Cheney’s dad. If not for Dick Cheney, Liz Cheney would’ve been there by her lonesome self as the only Republican serving a minute of silence,” she said.

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After torching Republicans for not attending, Ana commended the Cheneys and especially the former vice president one more time for taking the time to mark such an important day. “As a daughter, as an American, as a longtime Republican, I appreciated Dick Cheney’s presence there and wearing all those hats,” she said.


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