Anderson Cooper’s home haircut did not go well at all

Anderson Cooper has joined the ranks of amateur hair stylists. And, like most of us who have chosen that route, things didn’t go as planned. While chatting with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who’s been producing a series of videos for at home safety during quarantine, Anderson asked if maybe the good doctor would next produce a video with some suggestions on how to cut one’s own hair. While explaining why he was requesting this, Anderson, who looked dashing head on, turned to the left to expose a healthy bald patch he’d given himself by selecting a too short head for his clippers. The video is queued to the bald patch segment:

Let’s all remember what Jonathan Van Ness advised when asked about trimming one’s own hair: DON’T! I think we can allow our news anchors to get a little shaggy. If anything, these at home haircuts are the best advertising the salon industry could have. Even if a person didn’t completely demolish their ‘do with color or clippers, I haven’t heard anyone saying, “this is a piece of cake!”

Anderson’s lucky because it’s really only visible from one side. I’ll give him credit, too, most would have tried to fix their mistake, only to end up with next to nothing all the way around. My poor mother let me cut her hair once and she ended up with a page boy due to my course corrections. Unfortunately, Anderson probably can’t get away with a hat on camera, so he just needs to remember to keep any notes to his right and never turn left. But really, it doesn’t look that bad. In the Quarantine Hair Disasters Hall of Fame, Anderson will be way down the list. Now, if he really wanted to cause some ripples, he should dye that gorgeous mane of his blue.

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