Asuelu Pulaa: Faking His Mr Nice Guy Act to Stay Married to Kalani?

Earlier this season, Asuelu Pulaa blamed Kalani’s parents for their marital problems.

In reality, Asuelu’s behavior has repeatedly put his marriage on the brink of collapse.

Then, suddenly, his attitude changed like flipping a switch.

Did Kalani’s husband turn into a Stepford Spouse, or is this just a trick to keep her from divorcing him?

The beginning of this sneak peek is so painfully awkward.

In all seriousness, we thought that the audio had cut out on the video at first.

But no — apparently (with a little help from editing) this moment is just that tense.

What we see in this moment is Kolini, Kalani’s (super hot, fan favorite) sister, arrive at her parents’ home.

There, Stepford Asuelu and the rest of the family have put up streamers and balloons to welcome here.

Asuelu, normally given to just driving off of sulking sullenly at the slightest inconvenience, is all smiles.

Finally, Kolini has no choice but to break the silence.

“Are you excited?” she asks, though it’s unclear if she is addressing Asuelu.

She might have been addressing one of her niblings, after all.

“Yeah, so I talked to my wife,” Asuelu begins to explain.

“Even though we’ve had some issues in the past,” he continues.

“I don’t want to bring those things to today,” Asuelu reasons.

“Because today is a new day,” Asuelu proclaims.

“New day, new me,” he says.

“New you, new family,” Asuelu continues.

“Amen sister,” Kolini says in a noncommittal but polite way.

In her voiceover, she admits that she is hesitant to believe it.

“Coming in and seeing this new version of Asuely,” she says, “I was a little nervous.”

“And I still am pretty nervous,” Kolini admits.

“It seems a little fake,” she opines.

“I hope that it’s not,” Kolini quickly emphasizes.

“But I mean, my initial reaction is that it seemed a little rehearsed,” Kolini tells the camera.

Kalani then very deliberately makes the excuse of helping Kolini bring up her few bags.

This way, they can speak “alone” (on camera).

Upstairs in what is clearly a guest room, there are a lot of storage cubbies on shelves.

There is some sort of autumnal tree. A harvest tree, Kalani calls it.

There is also a day bed where Kolini will be sleeping.

“Sorry it was so weird,” Kalani says as she sits down, holding a bee pillow.

(As someone else who likes to hold a throw pillow as I sit, I loved seeing that)

“That was extremely awkward,” Kalani then acknowledges to her sister.

“It’s like a ploy, almost?” Kolini then suggests. “I don’t know.”

“Is that not what it felt like?” she asks her sister.

Kalani then shares with her how Asuelu demonstrated this alleged change.

“I told him you were coming,” Kalani shares.

“He acted really nice about everything?” she continues.

“He was like ‘no, this is the new me,'” Kalani describes. “He, like, cried.”

“I mean, I hope he’s being real,” Kalani expresses.

“I mean, yeah,” Kolini agrees.

She continues: “It would be great if he followed through.”

“Obviously,” Kolini then tells the camera, “we’ve had our issues before.”

“So coming here and living with them,” she continues.

Kolini admits: “I still am pretty nervous.”

“My dad taught me to choose your battles wisely,” Kolini notes. “So I don’t just pounce on someone if I have an issue.”

“But,” she emphasizes, “I can only take so much from someone.”

“If I see him acting out or not doing exactly what he said, then I will speak up,” Kolini vows.

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