Billie Eilish Puts Body on Display in New Video Shown on Tour

Billie Eilish is known for wearing clothes that hide her figure, but she put her body on display in rare visuals that were played during night one of her new tour!

The 18-year-old singer kicked off her Where Do We Go? tour on Monday night (March 9) at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Fla.

During an interlude between songs, Billie spoke to fans about the opinions that people have about her. Throughout the clip, she was seen wearing a form-fitting tank top that showed off her curves. She then stripped off the top and wore just her bra.

The tour is scheduled to play around the world through September 2020.

You can watch the clip now on Twitter. Check out photos from the show in the gallery!

Click inside for a transcript of what Billie says in the video clip…

A transcript of Billie‘s speech can be read below:

you have opinions
about my opinions
about my music
about my clothes
about my body
some people hate what i wear
some people praise it
some people use it to shame others
some people use it to shame me
but i feel you watching
and nothing i do foes unseen
so while i feel your stares
your disapproval
or your sigh of relief
if i lived by them
I’d never be able to move
would you like me to be smaller?
would you like me to be quiet?
do my shoulders provoke you?
does my chest?
am i my stomach?
my hips?
the body i was born with
is it not what you wanted?
if i wear what is comfortable
i am not a woman
if i shed the layers
I’m a slut
though you’ve never seen my body
you still judge it
and judge me for it
we make assumptions about people
based on their size
we decide who they are
we decide what they’re worth
if i wear more
if i wear less
who decides what that makes me?
what that means?
is my value based only on your perception?
or is your opinion of me not my responsibility?
– billie eilish

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