Coleen Nolan: Loose Women host talks ‘bye bye breasts party’ after sisters’ cancer news

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Coleen Nolan, 55, revealed that if she were to go through with a double mastectomy, a “Bye Bye Breasts” party could also be on the cards. The Loose Women star also said she would consider making a cast of her chest to hang on the wall in memory of them.

I’ll have a party

Coleen Nolan

Coleen expressed concerns over keeping her “ticking time bomb” breasts, following the advanced diagnosis of her sisters Anne Nolan, 69, and Linda Nolan, 61.

Now the star is considering the next step to prevent herself meeting a similar fate.

When asked if she would host a celebration after having her breasts removed, Coleen said: “Yes, I’ll have a party and maybe ask people for tattoo ideas.

“I might get plaster casts of my old breasts as well and hang them on my wall – ‘In memory of’.”

The star insisted that the decision to have her breasts removed without a partner to support her does not make it any more difficult, because she does not have to think about how they would “feel about it”.

She continued: “When Bernie was diagnosed, I discussed the idea with my then-husband, Ray (Fensome), and he was all for it. If you love someone, you want them to live.”

Coleen’s elder sister Bernie’s breast cancer returned in 2012 before she died in July the following year.

While her sisters Linda and Anne had previously beaten the disease in 2000 and 2006 respectively, Bernie died in her sleep after the cancer metastasised to her brain, lungs, liver and bones.

Although Coleen is determined to protect herself from a similar diagnosis to her sisters, she admitted feeling apprehensive about the thought of being undressed in front of a man following surgery.

The star divulged that a man seeing her naked after a mastectomy would fill her with horror, as she finds it scary to strip off even now.

She added to OK! Magazine: “The thought of undressing in front of a man now fills me with horror. But if any guy, even now, had a negative reaction to my body I would instantly know he wasn’t the guy for me. 

“Anyways reconstructions these days are fantastic. If I go ahead, I’ll probably get really pert boobs, better than the ones I have got now! Brenda [Edwards]’ are incredible – I can’t tell the difference between her breasts. 

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“It’s the same with Michelle Heaton who I did Full Monty with. You’d never know she’s had a double mastectomy.”

It comes as Anne and Linda received their devastating cancer diagnosis within days of each other, after they wrapped filming on their TV series The Nolans Go Cruising.

Anne is the eldest Nolan sister and is mum to Amy, 39 and Alex, 32.

She is also a grandma to three young children including Amy’s son Ryder, eight, and Alex’s children Vinny, 10, and Nevaeh, five.

In a recent social media video, Anne was applauded by staff after she finished her treatment for breast cancer.

The video was shared on Anne’s personal Twitter account and described how the star was “thrilled” to have completed the gruelling treatment.

Linda has never had children, but admitted to fearing death, as she told The Sun “I don’t want to die”.

She is now battling incurable cancer in her liver and has fought cancer three times including breast cancer in 2006 

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