Dan Levy Makes His Debut in People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2020 Issue!

Dan Levy is sexy!

The 37-year-old Schitt’s Creek star makes his first-ever debut in People‘s annual Sexiest Man Alive issue for 2020.

“This form of sexy is a niche market,” he said of the honor, as well as the accompanying photo shoot, which features him doing tasks like taking out the garbage.

In the interview, Dan opened up about how he’s spent the past eight months in the pandemic, and the ways he’s tried to improve his skills in the kitchen.

“I was trying different pasta sauces, I was making breads, I was baking cookies. I did the Levain bakery chocolate chip cookies that I found the recipe online, and they weren’t quite as good. I did a banana bread recipe that a friend swore by, and then I made it, and it wasn’t quite as good. And then, I did a sourdough bread that turned out like a really heavy, dense brick,” he explained. Watch it here!

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