David Haye: Boxer admits he desperately ‘wants to go out of business’ ‘It sounds crazy!’

David Haye reveals his best heavyweight in the world

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Former professional boxer David Haye, 40, has surprisingly revealed he is looking forward to the time when his project, The Black Mask Company, goes out of business. The sportsman turned entrepreneur launched his company last year, around the time when the UK government enforced the wearing of face masks in indoor venues by law amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The former unified cruiserweight world champion’s washable masks utilise “Nano Silver” technology and are worn as the official anti-epidemic mask of the Vietnam Police department and all protective services.

However, David has now revealed that despite the overwhelmingly positive response his masks have received from customers, he is desperate for mask-wearing to be over for good and for things to return to normal in the UK.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk about his hopes for the pandemic coming to an end, David said: “I’m actually looking forward to not having to wear the masks. 

“It sounds crazy, but I don’t like not being able to see people smile. 

“We’ve all been in lockdown for so long that when you get out, you want to see people.

“I can’t wait for the time where you can go and give someone a hug without in the back of your mind thinking, ‘Has this person got Covid, am I breaking some sort of regulation?’”

The founder of The Black Mask Company continued: “I’m also looking forward to seeing the back of these [masks]… 

“Although the masks are a legal obligation for people now, wanting to go on the underground or go to stores, I’m looking forward to the time where you don’t have to wear these masks.

“So I’ve never had a business where I wanted to go out of business more than this!”

David added: “But if you are going to have to wear a mask, whether it’s my one or someone else’s one, I don’t care, as long as it’s not a disposable one that you wear once and then throw in the bin because it ends up in the landfill or the ocean and it’s a waste of time. 

“So get yourself a washable mask, they’re more comfortable, they’re antimicrobial, so if you’ve got skin issues they’re good for that, and they’ve got 20 years of research behind them.

“It wasn’t me who designed them, I just got the worldwide distribution of these masks and I’m bringing them to the UK market.”

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David explained that although the business is different to what he’s used to in the sporting world, he credits it with keeping him busy during lockdown.

The star divulged: “It’s a different business than I’m used to, I’m used to punching people! 

“But it’s kept me very busy during lockdown and it’s nice to have a business that gives back and does some good things, and makes people look and feel as good as they can. 

“But I’m looking forward to the back of this whole Covid thing and the masks thing, and I want to get back to normal as quick as possible.”

David’s latest face mask design features a new rainbow emblem to thank our NHS heroes, with 25 per cent of the retail price being donated to NHS Charities Together.

Speaking about the charitable new range, David shared: “We’ve got nice masks with the NHS Charities Together emblem logo, with the little rainbow.

“So 25 per cent of the retail price of these masks are being donated to them, they’re a great charity to work with, they’ve done so many great things. 

“People are frustrated being at home, but they at least feel safe, one in three people appreciate the NHS more now than ever knowing that they were going to the hospitals and having to be on the frontline during this pandemic, people really appreciate it. 

“So while you have to wear a mask, getting one that is donating to the NHS is always a plus.”

The Black Mask Company, founded by David Haye, launches rainbow mask to thank our NHS heroes, get yours at www.theblackmaskcompany.com/products/rainbow-mask

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