Eamonn Holmes ’furiously yanked’ NTA out of Phillip Schofield’s hands

Eamonn Holmes and Phillip Schofield were civil with each other on stage as they went to collect their National Television Award for This Morning.

But behind the scenes, it was a whole different story as Eamonn was reportedly seen yanking the award from Phillip’s clutches.

According to The Sun, Eamonn was “furious” after Phil hugged his wife Ruth Langsford, who has made bullying claims against him.

Ruth made the bullying accusation after Phil rudely interrupted her during an episode of Loose Women, and Eamonn thought his hug was “disingenuous”.


A source said: “Phil’s relationship with Ruth and Eamonn is hugely strained and at ITV they give each other a wide berth.

“So when Phil reached out to try and put Ruth in the spotlight when they collected the award, it felt a bit humiliating.

“And it was awkward for everyone around them.”

As the This Morning cast all stood getting their pictures taken in the winners’ room, Phil stood with his back to Ruth as he and his co-host Holly Willoughby posed individually with the gong.

And according to onlookers, when Holly reached out to allow Ruth to pose with the gong, Phil put his hand on it, before Eamonn then appeared to grab the award and force Phil’s grip off of it.

Other than that, apparently Phil and Ruth had no interaction with each other.

They added: “As Eamonn realised Phil was holding the award, he seemed to pull it away. Phil was grinning but it was obvious he was furious. Eamonn on the other hand was in high spirits — he’d made his point.

“Ruth looked like she couldn’t wait to get away from Phil. There’s obviously no love lost.”

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