Eminem Gets Punched in the Face by Mike Tyson in ‘Godzilla’ Video

The video for Eminem’s single ‘Godzilla’ dropped this week, and it includes a surprise cameo from retired boxer Mike Tyson. The former world heavyweight boxing champion shows up out of nowhere 3 minutes into the track to deliver a surprise punch in the face to Eminem.

“Mike?” Eminem asks, dazed, while Tyson replies: “Em, is that you? I ain’t mean that, please man, I’m sorry. Please, forgive me.”

‘Godzilla’ is taken from Eminem’s controversial new album, Music to Be Murdered By. The track broke the record for fastest rap verse — a record which Eminem previously held with ‘Rap God’.

Tyson aside, ‘Godzilla’ also includes an appearance by Eminem’s longtime collaborator, Dr Dre, who seems to be playing an actual doctor peering over him, inspecting his injuries, accompanied by a white-coated doppelganger of the rapper.

The video ends with a tribute to 21-year-old rapper Juice WRLD, who passed away in December 19 from an accidental overdose. His vocals are featured on the track, and the video closes with audio of his voice played over his picture.

“I hope everybody having a good day,” he says. “I hope everybody accomplished something significant. Even if you didn’t accomplish anything significant, don’t be discouraged… Just aim to accomplish something significant tomorrow and the next day and so on. If anybody is going through anything, I hope and I pray that you get through it. And just know that you do have the strength to get through whatever the f*** you going through, no matter what it is.”

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