Florida Teen Who Allegedly Stole Homecoming Election With Her Mom Has Been Charged – As An Adult!

Remember that Florida teenager that we reported about a couple months ago — the one who, with the help of her mother, allegedly rigged her high school’s homecoming election?!

Well, there’s an update! And it’s kind of intense!

Emily Rose Grover (mugshot above, left) has been charged AS AN ADULT for her alleged role in the March homecoming election tampering at Tate High School in the Escambia County School District down in Florida.

As you’ll recall, Grover — who was 17 years old back in March when the crime came to light — and her mother, Laura Rose Carroll (above, right), hacked into the school district’s files using Carroll’s credentials as an elementary school assistant principal. From there, they accessed student records and reportedly cast hundreds of votes for Glover in the election. So crazy!!!

The women were charged with unauthorized use of a computer, unlawful use of a two-way communication device, and criminal use of personally identifiable information. And on Wednesday, because the embattled high schooler turned 18 years old in April, prosecutors confirmed they decided to charge her as an adult, per NBC News. It’s unclear what the penalties are for these charges, but, like, seriously?! We’re not saying Grover and Carroll shouldn’t face consequences if they really stole the election! Grover has already been expelled from Tate, and if they’re found guilty, make ’em do a ton of community service or something. Cheating is wrong!

But to charge the teenager as an adult in this situation seems a little bit heavy-handed, doesn’t it?? WTF! They were just acting the plot of Election… or something… Ha!

Seriously, what do y’all think about the cops charging Grover as an adult?? All this over a homecoming election?! Come on…

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